Intelligent Facility Operations

Integrated, Visual, Surprisingly Insightful

  • Save Time
  • Reduce Waste
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions

We know that facility managers strive to make optimal decisions every day with less than optimal information.

They spend hours searching for information to help make data-driven decisions that minimize waste and maximize value to owners and occupants.

At LeanFM, we believe that facility mangers should have easy access to visual, actionable information.

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Visual Facility Operations

Increasing Situation Awareness

Integrated Visualization

See and understand maintenance history and backlog in context of buildings, assets and building IoT

Search, Trace and Filter

Find assets quickly, trace pipes and ducts easily and filter out individual assets or entire floors, for a personalized view

Data Enrichment

Gain new insights from artificial intelligence enriched maintenance and building information

Ops Resources

Access interactive 360° images, asset manuals and 3rd-party information in a single click

Automatically Fusing, Enriching and Viewing Facility Operations

Patented technologies fuse together building, maintenance and IoT data
Artificial intelligence enriches maintenance and building information
Actionable insights emerging in 3D visual form





We are LeanFM Technologies

We are experts in building information and facility operations with a track record in delivering valuable innovations that drive positive change.

We are on a mission to help facility managers gain easy access to actionable information and make data-driven decisions that help minimize waste and maximize value to owners and occupants.

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Ehud (Udi) Hershkovich

Chief Executive Officer

Business development executive and serial entrepreneur, Mr. Hershkovich led multiple technology ventures to market, to growth and to acquisition.

Xuesong (Pine) Liu, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Facilities manager and software architect, researcher and entrepreneur,  Mr. Liu has advanced the field of facilities and building information for years as Research Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University and now as CTO at LeanFM Technologies.

Burcu Akinci, PhD

Chief Innovation Officer

A pioneer and leader in innovation in building and facilities information,  Ms. Akinci has many innovations to her name as Associate Dean for Research at Carnegie Mellon University and now as CIO at LeanFM Technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

LeanFM's Visual Information Hub provides facility managers with FAST and INTUITIVE access to information they need when needed to help prioritize work, understand problems and eliminate physical information search time. We integrate your management information systems and building automation feed with Building Information Models (BIM) to create the world's first visual information hub for facility managers and operators.

Do I need BIM to use LeanFM?
LeanFM leverages Building Information Models (BIM) as a rich asset information source and to visualize your facilities’ operational information. If you do not have BIM for some or all of your buildings, don’t worry! We can make it for you. It is not at all costly or time consuming as you might think... In fact, with a 1-year contract, you get a level-2 model for free and keep it forever!!!
How much effort is involved in integration?
LeanFM’s unique patented technology is the only fully automated data integration solution designed specifically for facility operations. Data integration and fusion from building automation (BAS) and maintenance records systems (CMMS) is virtually Zero effort.
What devices are supported?
LeanFM's Viewer is designed to be fully responsive and scalable with the same great visual experience on virtually any device. LeanFM is provided as a web application, accessible via browser on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. No installation or setup required.
Do I need special software or training?
No. LeanFM is Software as a Service. Nothing to install. Nothing to learn. Just upload IFC standard BIM and view your buildings in minutes.

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